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One word that is making every industry want to enter into it! “Artificial Intelligence”

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Artificial intelligence is something that is advancing very fast. AI is a revolution that created ripples in many industries. Previously systems worked as systems, with humans operating them. Now, systems themselves are operating with human intelligence in them, which is an indication for greater unfoldings in future. Some of the applications of AI include:

  • Natural language generation
  • Chatbots
  • Image recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment analysis.

Importance of AI?

AI helps to simplify the areas that were difficult to approach once. It also gives information about the operations of an enterprise that were left out or the enterprise was not aware of. It also simplifies complex tasks. Relatively fewer mistakes are done while handling larger amounts of data or repetitive and detail-oriented tasks. AI makes predictions faster and accurate.

Examples of AI technology and its use:

  • Automation when included with AI can bring tremendous changes to any industry and we can also see some of them in action already like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) where complex and detailed oriented tasks can be solved in an easy way
  • Robotics is another hot topic where it can perform any function that is complex for humans like how robots replaced humans in an assembly line of the car manufacturing process and many more areas.
  • Self–driving cars, the upcoming revolution which has been implemented in many other countries with more success rate.
  • Natural language processing is also one of the latest ones where human language can be processed by a computer. This NLP is also used in many fields one of the famous ones is for spam detection, where junk can be identified and notified. It also contains sentiment analysis and speech recognition.

Why students should opt it?

With AI you can experience the change and a dig into it will make you want to do some wonders using it. Always stand ahead and witness the future or create a better future for the upcoming generation. AI is and will always be an eternal industry where only enhancements will take place. If you are considering AI as your career option you are on the correct path. Yes, that will make you stand prepared for the future.

AI is one of the advanced engineering courses that is grabbing student’s attention. Students always have that will within them to explore something new that the market will unfold in future with the help of AI. Also, there is greater demand for these advanced courses because they offer the highest packages and are unique from the routine engineering courses. Considering the job market, how it has been updated from time to time, it always

demands the latest skills in the market, AI will make you stand unique and will be every

organization’s first choice. Researchers have predicted that AI could develop 58 million jobs

in the upcoming future. So get ready and reserve your seat!

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