Lingayas Institute Of Management and Technology



Instruction Division was created with in a aim to bring transparency, streaming and discipline  Academics in the institute under the head of  institution.

InStruction division

Creating Academic Calender
Master Time Table
Scheduling Academic Orientation
Monitoring Academic Audits
Monitoring of EOD’s
Remedial Class Schedules
Monitoring Weekly Department Meetings
Organizing Faculty Department Programs
Coordinating APSSDC Programs

Approving Course Handouts
Approving Lesson Plans
Approving Class Adjustments
Approving Projects
scheduling project reviews
internal marks assessments
online assignments
weekly lecture notes
course file verification’s
workshop in college to be organised by departments

creating academic calender

Keeping university Academic Calender in view it would create its own academic calender in corporating Saturday schedules

Master Time Table

  • All the faculty shall submit their preference of subjects of interest
  • Concern faculty shall give synopsis about the course content ( over view ) in class before students and their interest to deal the subject i.e, why they would like to take the subject
  • Students would then be sent the mails to choose their faculty for the courses that they registered
  • After analyzing the choices of the students, the faculty for the course would be finalised by the committee ( HOD, Concerned faculty , IDAP) considering his/her work load and other works in academics

Scheduling Academic Orientation

  • Once the student is registered for the semester,he / she will be given orientation on every course they registered for.
  • The orientation for each course would be from 2 to 4 hours of time.
  • The content would be given by the concern faculty to HOD and shall require approval of IDAP.

For Newly joined students

First the orientation about Organization and would the first part.

  • General preview about the institution & its background
  • To explain in-detail about evaluation process of university and institution
  • Placement facilities of the institution
  • Different training & industrial tours organised by the institution
  • To give preview about innovative projects to be taken up other than the curriculum of the university

 The second part would be Registration for the semesters and courses

  • Dues if any to be cleared by the students
  • Documentation to be completed in all respects
  • Proceed for Registration for the semester

The third part would be induction into departments

  • All the newly admitted students would be inducted in

            Foundation department
       Their respective departments

    • All faculty members of the concerned departments would formally be introduced to the students in simple meet & greet program

    The fourth part is course wise orientation to be given prior to the commencement of regular class work

    • Detailed explaination to be given by the concerned faculty to the students regarding the subject they would be learning and scope of the subject and how student need to prepare to get the best output

    The above procedure would be followed for all the subjects the students is registered for

Approving Course Handouts

  • The proposed lesson plan for the course should be submitted by the instructor incharge within a week from submission of course handout to HOD.
  • HOD shall get the lesson plan approved by IDAP.
  • A meeting of subject experts , HOD and IDAP shall fine tune the plan of action for the course
  • If by any means the University Academic calendar changes,then the Instructor Incharge should submit revised lesson plan as per the UAC.

Approving class work adjustments

  • Any faculty seeking leave shall give prior intimation to HOD for classwork adjustments
  • Faculty should apply leave from which consists of class work adjustments
  • Leave will be sanctioned only after classwork adjustments approved by HOD & intimated to IDAP
  • Adjustment is allowed swapped within the same week so that the lesson plan would not be disturbed
  • TThe adjustments of nextday of every department should be sent on preceeding evening to IDAP & ID

Approving projects

  • Project Titles should be  submitted by the faculty to HOD & then HOD to the IDAP in preceding semester ( UG & PG)
  • The titles of the projects would be circulated among students for selection of their project
  • Students can select 3 to 4 projects based on their interest & should give preferences for them.
  • After analyzing the details the of students interest , preferences , backlogs of the students and availability of resources including quality guide to guide the project, IDAP will decide the batches and the project title along with HOD.
  • The approved project title will be given to students
  • A guide and a mentor will be given to assist or guide the students towards the completion of the project
  • The project guide should submit project handout within a week.

Monitoring EODs:-

  • EOD means end of the day report,which should be submitted by all literates of the organization.
  • It is an accountability of every hour of which they have been paid by organization.
  • It consists of todays accountability & tomorrows tentative olan for 8 hours
  • COC – sends monthly EOD calendar to all HODs & HODs to faculty.
  • Everyday all literatures should send EOD to their respective incharges & a CC copy to COC.
  • HODs should review faculty EODs in their weekly departmental meetings
  • Monthly analysis on EOD will be done by COC
  • Review of individual faculty EODs would be conducted by management along with principal twice in a semester
  • Every blank hour will be treated as an idle hour,for which the faculty will have to give explanation
  • It is for the effective utilisation of working hours in college.

Monitoring weekly department meetings:

  • The objective of department meeting is …. to improve the standards of the department in all academics & non academic aspects including review of activities done during the week.
  • On the last hour of last working day of the week, departmental meeting will be held.
  • Agenda should be sent to faculty & ID one day in advance
  • A member fom ID shall be observer for the meeting.
  • In this meeting the HODs should review present week EODs, Academics & Non – Academics of the department along with the compliance of a academic audit and should plan accordingly for the betterment of their department.
  • After department meeting – Minutes of the meeting should be sent by Department to Instruction Division & ID would report to the Principal regarding the proceedings of the department.