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Computer Science Engineering

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Computer Science Engineering

The computer engineering program takes a look at the theories and technologies that underpin computers. The course is likely to educate technical skills such as programming and software design. These courses additionally tend to include the study of data and mathematical algorithms that are used via computer systems to process data. Successful computer engineering students will have an interest in both the hardware and software program aspects of computers.




To be a fountain head for new ideas in computer science and engineering with academic excellence, foster intellectual and professional skills with societal approach and research aptitude.


The mission of the Computer Science and Engineering Department is to:
  • Educate students with the best practices of computer science by integrating the latest research and real-time applications and explore knowledge with adequate technical and soft skills.
  • Shape the graduates with sound knowledge in rapidly changing computer science and engineering aspects.
  • Facilitate the development of academia-industry collaboration and societal outreach programs.
  • Create an ambience in which new ideas thrive that drive the graduates to work effectively with social and ethical responsibility and encourage lifelong learning.