About LST (Lingayas scholarship Test)

In the quest of attracting creamy layer students for providing excellent opportunities for their career,LIMAT is proving scholarship to meritorious students based on their performance in LINGAYAS SCHOLARSHIP TEST which will provide excellent opportunities to the deserving students to make a mark for themselves in their lives,which will open doors for respectability and better opportunities in the industry.

LST Exam results updates                                                                                                                                   Total Count:4000
21-04-2017 LST Results
20-04-2017 LST Results
19-04-2017 LST Results
18-04-2017 LST Results
17-04-2017 LST Results
15-04-2017 LST Results
14-04-2017 LST Results
13-04-2017 LST Results
12-04-2017 LST Results
11-04-2017 LST Results
09-04-2017 LST Results
08-04-2017 LST Results
07-04-2017 LST Results
06-04-2017 LST Results
04-04-2017 LST Results
03-04-2017 LST Results
02-04-2017 LST Results
01-04-2017 LST Results
31-03-2017 LST Results
26-03-2017 LST Results
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For LST Exam Contact Information : Prof. Khalleelualh @ 9703435786

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