Events & Festivals

LINGAYAS is famous for over all development of students enrolled with it. Along with Excellent academic atmosphere it gives equal opportunity to all the students to develop skills of organizing events, few of them are mentioned here under

The academic year starts with…

FESTEDELLA a Fresher’s day where all seniors students and staff of LINGAYAS family welcomes new entrance to LINGAYAS family. The FESTEDELLA is managed organized by students and in a traditional way the new students are welcomed with open arms to the folds of LINGAYAS.


All festivals like vinayaka chaturthi, Eid (Ramzan), Christmas, New Year, sankranthi sambaralu, Hoil etc…are celebrated with grand fun and fare by all communities cutting across caste, creed and religion. Thus building a real harmony among the LINGAYAS family.


Tarang is annual inter college cultural festival conducted, organized by the students. It has many competitions some of them are:

  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Ramp Walk
  • DJ
  • Star Night
  • Skits


Sayonara is annual Farewell event of the college where all the students and staff of LINGAYAS family bits farewell to outgoing students.

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